Traditional facilities where oil is extracted from olive mills are called, from the Arabic name (al-mas'sara) which means "pull-squeeze." Once collected the olives, they are transferred to the mill where it is screened and washed to remove the leaves, stalks and mud, if they have. Then we grind and shake it, which should be in 24 hours time of its reception, so we avoid affecting the quality of the oil, can be a fusty, one of the main causes of increasing acidity of the oil

The milling aims to break the cells where the oil is content, while the batter makes a continuous olive paste, suitable to be separated, it is batted and we spin it by mechanical process, without adding chemicals or heat, separating the oil from the rest substances, such as alpechín and pomace. Once these three elements have been separated, oil is stored in stainless steel tanks or trujales (under-ground) to obtain essential conditions in order not to alter the quality. They must have a determined shape and size, kept at 18ºC and 20ºC, with soft lighting and free of odors to prevent alteration of the sensory characteristics of the oil.

The types of oils are:

1. Extra virgin olive oil:

their organoleptic characteristics are unique, with a organoleptic mark (color, smell and taste) that must be equal to or higher than 6.5. The free fatty acid as oleic acid may be less than 0.5º.

2. Virgin olive oil:

it is also called "fine" with organoleptic score less than 5.5 and an oleic acidity not more than 1º.

3. Ordinary virgin olive oil:

olive juice with good color, organoleptic score less than 3.5 and free acidity of 3.3º.

4. Lampante virgin olive oil:

oil smell and taste bad. Not suitable for direct consumption. Need refinement and a score above 3.5 and acidity higher than 3.3º.

The first oil pressure is the most valued, and according to different squeezing, we obtain different qualities oils. In order to obtain a quart of first oil extraction is needed five kilos of olive fruits. The consumption during the first year ensures that its qualities are intact.


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